UHT Milk 2,6% /3,2% fat

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UHT Milk TM “Olbia” 2,6% and 3,2% fat is high-quality natural milk, which is produced in Tetra Brick Aseptic super-modern packaging and has a shelf life of up to 180 days.
Packaging Tetra Brick Aseptic reliably protects the product from the external environment: air, light (ultraviolet), moisture and bacteria, and extends the shelf life of milk up to 180 days (in the absence of direct sunlight and temperatures not higher than 25 ° C). The long shelf life of milk is provided by a special technology of UHT. Thus, farm milk is better heated to a temperature of 135 ° C for a few seconds, and then rapidly cooled and poured into aseptic packaging under sterile conditions without contact with the external environment. Thus, harmful bacteria are destroyed in the product and the maximum amount of useful substances is preserved.

With milk, you can make a lot of delicious drinks and dishes: pancakes, milk soups, healthy smoothies, cereals and much more.


• Shelf life: 6 months at temperature +1…+25°С
• Package: Tetra Brick Aseptic; 10 pc./case
• Volume: 950 g
• Ingredients: cow’s milk
• Used for: drinking, cooking
• Country of origin: Ukraine