Mozzarella Cheese with vegetable oil

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Mozzarella Slavia with vegetable oil is made on the modern equipment from pasteurized cow’s milk and milk fat substitute (palm oil) with adding salt, starter culture of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria, streptococcus thermophilus and Bulgarian Bacillus, microbial rennet. Fat composition in this product consists of 50 % of milk fat and 50 % of vegetable fat.

Cheese Mozzarella Slavia has ductile consistency, homogeneous, layered and elastic structure and delicate, neutral taste inherent in classic mozzarella. This product is ideal to use in HORECA and is especially good for cooking Italian food: pizza, lasagna, different salads, casseroles, bakeries and other dishes.

• Milk fat: 45%
• Shelf life: 12 months at temperature -12…-18°С
• Package: vacuum film without brine
• Weight netto: 2,5 kg or 5 kg
• Quantity of pieces/box: 8 pc. or 5 pc.
• Country of origin: Ukraine