About Company

About Us

About Us

«INAS EXIM LLC» was created in 2018 by a Ukrainian entrepreneur, who started joint business with a partner in the company, which was founded in October 2015 in UK. Having vast international experience the founder could see huge potential of Ukraine products to present them internationally.

INAS EXIM LLC emphasizes superior quality and work to provide the customers with the products they expect and systematic development of a leading position in the market. 

Having a strong buying resource & a capacity to secure volumes for its Global partners has made INAS among the key exporters from Ukraine.

OUR MISSION is to provide the client with quality products at an affordable price. We believe in Fairtrade and strive to be among the leaders, who certified in the global trade market

Our Activity

Our Activity


We deal with B2B as well as B2C and provide innovative marketing solutions

Group 4-2

We develop launch plans & strategies

Group 2

We provide solution on cost & quality for our client’s requirements

Group 4-1

We help you to establish new brands & add range to your existing products

Group 3

We work on private branding and provide solutions for both Foodservice & retails markets

Group 4

We guide & support to build operations of our business partners to the optimum